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What Judges Look for in a Science Fair Project

How do you know what makes a great science fair project? Here are some pointers for making sure you have a good project, based on what science fair judges are looking for in your project. Be Original: Science fair judges are looking for inventions and innovations. Try to come up with an original idea for your science fair project. Find a new way to test something or a fresh application for a product or a novel way to process data. Look at something old in a new way. For example, rather than compare different types of coffee filters, you could compare different household materials (paper towels, napkins, toilet paper) for use as coffee filters if you ever ran out.Be Clear: Have a well-defined, easy-to-understand goal or objective. Make sure the title of your project is related to your purpose. Make it crystal clear what you are doing and why.Understand Your Science Fair Project: Its not enough to have an easy-to-understand poster or presentation. Judges will ask you questions about your project, in part to see whether or not you understand what you have done. This weeds out people who basically had their parents, friends, or teacher do their project for them. You need to understand what you did, why you did it, and what conclusions you could make based on your results.Be Professional: Have a neat, professional-looking poster and dress nicely for the science fair. While you should do your project yourself, its fine to enlist help from a parent or teacher in putting together a poster and an outfit. You are not being graded on your appearance, but taking pride in your appearance will help you radiate confidence. Neatness counts with your project since good organization will be  making it easier for the science fair judge to follow what you have done.Time Effort: Science fair judges reward effort. You can get excellent marks on a science fair project that only took you an hour to do, but you should realize investing time and energy in your project will give you an edge over other good projects. A project does not need to be time-consuming or complicated, but one which requires you to collect data over time will do better than a project you whipped out in a weekend. Spending time on your project demonstrates your interest in it, plus taking the time to think about it usually means you come out of the project with a better understanding of how science works.Answer Questions: You can impress science fair judges by answering their questions politely and completely. Try to radiate confidence. If you dont know the answer to a question, admit it and try to offer a way you could come up with the answer. Here are some common questions asked by science fair judges:How did you come up with the idea for this science fair project?How long did you spend on the project?What background research did you conduct? What did you learn from it?Did anyone help you with the project?Does this project have any practical applications?Did you try anything that did not work or did not give you expected results? If so, what did you learn from this?What would be the next step in this experiment or study if you wanted to continue your work?

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My Influence Of Sports On My Life - 2086 Words

Through my life, I have always been willing to try new things. I have learned it is ok to fail, no matter how many times, as long as I keep trying. Out of the many interests that I have pursued, one thing stands out to me. I love sports. I have participated in sports since a young age, and I have discovered that a vast majority of my relationships have been made through the sports world. I can talk about sports all day long. My obsession started at a young age. The first memory I have of watching sports was on February 1st, 2004. That was the date of Super Bowl 38. Before that date, I did not really know much about football. After that game, I desired to know as much as possible. On that day, I remember running around my house like any†¦show more content†¦That Super Bowl win in 2004 subconsciously initiated my quest to become an NFL general manager. When I turned seven years old, my parents bought me Madden 2006 for my birthday. That same year I begged my parents to sign me up for the local football league. Football was my first love. If I wasn’t at the field practicing football, I was throwing with my dad and other kids in the neighborhood. Sometimes I would beg other kids’ dads to throw to me because their kids couldn’t throw it hard enough or far enough. When I was tired and couldn’t play any more football, I would come home and play Madden. I played Madden religiously. I played with every NFL team and learned as many names as I could. The thing that captivated me about Madden was the player ratings. Each player had numeric attributes numbered from 25 to 99 that affected their overall rating. The ratings included speed, strength, acceleration, agility, catching, tackling, and awareness. My favorite thing to do was to look through the numbers. I slowly memorized the names of hundreds of NFL players and used the attributes to determine what type of player they were. I used a composition notebook to write down names of my f avorite players. I wrote down some of their notable attributes in the journal. On Sundays, I would watch NFL games all day and watch the players I wrote in my journal. I wondered what it would be like to put together a team with all theShow MoreRelatedWhat Creates Happiness And Good Health1223 Words   |  5 Pages In life there are ways we come to a deeper meaning of what creates happiness and good health. To achieve the deeper meaning we exhaust the ideas of playing sports, creating art, or making things to better the lives of people around us. We all understand art is a part of our daily life, and how we choose to use or create the art affects our personal self. Throughout the semester there are aspects of the teaching which have changed the way I notice and create my art in my life. I focus heavily onRead MoreI Am On The Uconn Women s Basketball Team1165 Words   |  5 Pagesdoing in Connecticut?† My response is always the same, â€Å"I’m on the UConn women’s basketball team.† Sport has played a large role in my life and has definitely impacted me. My parents were key factors that helped me get to where I am now. Both of my parents were college athletes. My father played basketball at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Before that, he was an all- state basketball player, tennis player and pitched for his high school baseball team. My mother played tennis atRead MoreGender Roles Since High School Essay1334 Words   |  6 PagesGender roles resurfaced as a pivotal factor in my life during my late adolescence. In our culture different sports are considered to be male and female dominated respectively. Unfortunately little is done to challenge or resist these societal norms and I experienced this first hand during my senior year of high school. Volleyball, which is considered to be a sport primarily for girls and women, was not offered to boys at my high school. Subsequently, I was forced to petition for approval towardsRead MoreLife Is A Collaborative Endeavor1075 Words   |  5 PagesLife is a collaborative endeavor. Individual development requires more than individual effort. I am a product of the people that surround me, and the resources at my disposal. A myriad of factors have allowed me to get to this position in life and sport is certainly a prominent one. The first three weeks of this course have provided me with the opportunity to reflect upon my own life and analyze concepts such as growth mindset, age of independence, social mobility, and even the value of relationshipsRead MoreSports And Its Impact On Society Essay1285 Words   |  6 PagesSports today are very popular not only in the United States, but also throughout the rest of the world. Due to the fact that sports have such a big impact on the world around us, it is common to see their effects on us as a society. Personality is who you are or in other words is defined as the sum of all physical, mental and sociable characteristics. It is important to understand the positive and negative side effects of being heavily involved in sports. What I have experienced from being involvedRead MoreSports And Its Impact On Society Essay1272 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Sports today are popular not only in the United States, but also throughout the rest of the world. Due to the fact that sports have such a large impact on the world around us, it is common to grasp their effects on us as a society. Personality is who you are or accordingly, is defined as the sum of all physical, mental and sociable characteristics. It is important to understand the positive and negative side effects of being heavily involved in sports. What I have experienced from beingRead MoreStudent: Exercise and Badminton Club Essay1048 Words   |  5 Pages Badminton and Figueroa’s Framework Introduction The purpose of this research is to connect Figueroa’s Framework to my decision to join or not a badminton club. After close examination I choose the 2 levels that for me have the most significant impact on people’s decision on sports and describe them linking with badminton. Badminton Badminton is a racquet sport played by either two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles), who take positions on opposite halves of a rectangularRead MoreSports As A Young Age843 Words   |  4 PagesAt a young age, my parents put me in sports: teaching me how to skate at age three, playing football my first year eligible and playing t-ball a year early. Sports can teach a child more than just how to throw a football or shoot a puck, sports have the power to teach a child how to become an adult. Children who are involved in sports at a young age are taught many necessary traits in life. Sports can impact their life and teach them competition, respect and responsibility. Three very valuable traitsRead MoreEthic Essay1469 Words   |  6 Pagescontact with, influences inside the home such as parents, siblings, and neighbors. As one grows older and ventures out into the world outside the home teachers, friends and even enemies all help to shape one’s value sy stem. Any type of communication with anyone that we come in contact with has the potential to shape our value system or our ethics structure. Good. Ethics Development One’s beliefs, values or ethics begin forming at an early age and continues throughout one’s life. Most oftenRead MoreHow Sports Can Help Someone Out Socially843 Words   |  4 Pages1) Sports have played an important role in my life ever since I was very young. Because of sports, I am very confident in myself. Although many people believe sports are just to have fun and stay active, I believe that their influence leaves more behind. I believe that playing sports can help someone out socially, physically, and mentally. Participating in sports has completely and utterly transformed me into the person that I am today. 2) I believe playing sports can help many people throughout

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Wal-Mart Performance Free Essays

Globalization has had a positive impact on planning in Wal-mart organization. This is because Wal-mart stakeholders are able to estimate the profit it can make by allowing its cheaply manufactured and inexpensive goods and services to cross the borders and reach other countries of the world. (James, 1999) defines industry attractiveness as the prevailing situation in the core business of an organization which favors the specific organization for example in monotheistic business environment, a business is more likely to be favor in terms of business performance since it can manipulate market forces to its advantage. We will write a custom essay sample on Wal-Mart Performance or any similar topic only for you Order Now Even in a market environment, less than 4 competitors are likely to influence the market situation to their advantage hence creating an attractive market environment. Wal-Mart’s performance has been termed as sterling by many business analysts. The chain has recorded a profit after taxes of above $200 billion. By applying concepts like vendor managed inventories as well as just-in-time concept, Wal-Mart has continued to maintain leadership in the retail market in the US. Wal-Mart endeavors to remain a low-cost retailer, and by that it has been very effective in maintaining market attractiveness. By all means Wal-Mart has achieved low cost retail prices mostly because it manages to source goods at the best possible market prices. This is possible through the strategy of replenishing stock daily in which it allows its key suppliers to access data on sales, which in turn ensures that stocks are supplied just in time. Wal-Mart has successfully cut expenses in that it is able to save costs which would otherwise have gone to hiring warehouses, paying for the storage and security of the goods in warehouses, the costs which goes with insurance as well as the risk of destruction resulting from fire, and other natural calamities as well as expiry of perishable goods. By paying the suppliers based on what is sold the company ensures a zero cost in inventories, this in turns affords the company an opportunity to lower prices since there are less expenditures. In long term, this contributes to industry attractiveness. The other area in which the company has achieved competitive advantage is in terms of adapting information systems. By doing that, Wal-Mart, has become a low cost producer in that it achieves effectiveness and therefore minimizing losses. The organization has set out to be a market leader. In terms of incorporating information technology, Wal-Mart has computerized its purchasing systems to incorporate E-purchasing. As a purchasing strategy, e-purchasing is economically reliable and cost effective. Compared to a competitor who does have not adopted the e-purchasing concept, Wal-mart has been able to save a lot of money and time. According to (Kendel, 2004), competitive advantage also depends on how companies utilize and take advantage of the buyer power. To this end, Wal-Mart has outshone all its competitors in that, it is refuted to be one of the organizations in the US, which has been able to get suppliers to act according to its terms. In fact some have argued that, it manipulates and coerces suppliers to enter into concessions, which end up benefiting the retailer but harming the suppliers. In terms of the threat of substitutes, it is widely believed that, Wal-Mart no longer competes with any one, it has taken virtual control and is a major player of the US economy leave alone the retail business. In terms of supplier power, the suppliers are no longer able to contain the pressure from Wal-Mart; there have been reports of CEO’s agreeing to terms, which end up harming their businesses. Wal-Mart as earlier mentioned often coerces its suppliers into deals, this is not the case with its competitors which do not necessarily have the power to match it. Finally Wal-Mart unlike so many of its rivals have been able to penetrate with ease and so far commands a good share of the retail business in the US. However, it is Wal-Mart’s expansive sales returns that continue to put it ahead of competitors in that, they can powerfully bargain with suppliers for best offers, which on their part the competitors cannot match. By integrating IT through out the whole retail chain Wal-mart ensures that, its partners are free and feel respected and therefore trade is done in an environment of cordial relationships. With a retail network of over 140 branches all over the world, the management styles as well Wal-Mart’s purchasing, distribution and warehousing, in-store operations, marketing, Information Technology, Human Resource Management, and organization and management systems/style have to be maintained at a high notch. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the outlets to achieve unity of purpose. With such a huge work force, success can only be achieved only if there is proper human resource management. The organization has introduced performance based pay, which has gone down very well with the employees. A well motivated staff is the greatest asset for a company and therefore Wal-Mart has been able to achieve that through introducing modern employee management systems which aims at ensuring that, the best staff are retained and also that, staff get well compensated for their hard-work. This has given Wal-Mart a cutting edge advantage, in that, it is able to attract and keep the best workers. In terms of supplies, Wal-Mart has been able to cut lead time after streamlining its supply chain management. By doing that, Wal-Mart have come to be regarded as the industries leaders in terms of efficiency and cost cutting. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc is the world’s largest retailer with over $200 billion worthy of annual sales. The organization has adopted various strategies to become and remain a market leader in the industry. Of all strategies, it is its low cost of products that has made the biggest contribution to its market attractiveness as well as its competitive advantage. Human resource management. According to available statistics, the company has over 1. 3 million employees also known as associates, it is spends a lot on employee development something which gives it a competitive edge as one of the most preferred employers. Wal-Mart has been ranked by the Fortune magazine as one of the most admired places in the world. This translates to attractiveness to both business partners and customers. Also as a strategy in supplies management the organization has avoided reliance on single suppliers but has instead engaged different suppliers. This helps in ensuring that, the suppliers do not dictate the terms since they are aware that they can be substituted. This is effective in that, it becomes very hard for suppliers to collaborate and decide the terms for the organization. Wal-Mart also ensures proper communication through the setting up of a satellite network, which interlinks all its branches to a central command. This has seen the company investing heavily in information technology, which in return has ensured that the company achieves economies of scale. Competitive advantage. Kmart is one of the key competitors which has found the going getting tough and has almost been left struggling to remain in business. The fact that, Wal-Mart controls over 70% of the retail business clearly shows that, the competition is not as stiff. Therefore, Wal-Mart is poised to remain a force even into the foreseeable future. The threats which it should deal with and undertake to solve include: negative publicity in that, the fact that it drives many other businesses out of business can lead to harmful price wars which could lead to the company loosing its current market share. Management Systems Several, problems and challenges such as shoplifting caused the company to invest in costly surveillance systems aimed at addressing the arising issues. Managers at Wal-Mart are motivated in that, the organization always rewards creativity and effort as well as originality. This has been a plus for the company as productivity is always related with highly motivated staff as well as employees who can identify well with the organization. Its people-friendly approach has led to such a good relationships with customers that, a very loyal client base has been achieved. By adopting new technology, production, administration and leadership in the company are one of the best in the world. The styles from other successful organizations of the world so that it can experience great success. Wal-Mart has now heavily invested in technology like computerized tracking systems, which enables them to track supply and monitor progress. Wal-Mart has experienced rapid growth partly due to a human resource policy, which handles. Globalization has enabled the organnization to expand the organization from rural small towns to urban areas. Also Wal-Mart enjoys a very loyal consumer base. Globalization has also enabled the leadership of Wal-Mart to expand the organization to so many areas externally, where they attract a lot of customers therefore making lots of profit. This has been achieved by lowering the prices of the goods, as a result of global nature of manufacturing. In terms of sustainability, Wal-Mart’s strategy is market tested and it is very likely that, customers will always go for cheaper quality and therefore the strategy of low-cost will lead the organization from success to success. The fact that, Wal-Mart does not spend on inventories but uses a system where by delivery of goods is done by the suppliers saves the company a lot of money. This affects prices f commodities in that, so many suppliers want to engage the organization in business and therefore are willing to operate under terms that the organization dictates. Wal-Mart although has been favored by globalization needs to be wary of emerging issues such as the ones touching on ethics. Other threats for Wal-Mart include: Ethically, it has been accused of oppressing suppliers to an extent whereby, they are forced to lay-off employees hence causing joblessness as well as leading to closure of manufacturing plants on the US in favor of imports which are cheaper and therefore can be distributed to the retailer at much cheaper rates. Bargaining power is another crucial strength for the company, it virtually controls all the decisions or contracts entered with other companies that is, suppliers. Wal-Mart engages in a continuous improvement campaign in what consumers view as being on the move every time. To consumers and customers, this is viewed as an advantage since they know that every time the retailer makes a move, prices drop and therefore the company is seen as a better option by many. Efficiency is one factor that Wal-Mart has achieved by investing in modern systems. The company has been able to transact business worldwide with ease while at the same time minimizing cost. The fact that Wal-Mart has created a positive image for itself has ensured a constant demand for services and goods something which competitors have not been able to match. Wal-Mart has maintained a public image and therefore this helps. How to cite Wal-Mart Performance, Papers

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Kfc International Business free essay sample

At first the Colonel started to implement the franchising business operation with the Chicken Secret Recipe by travel tower to tower. In 1960s because of the Colonel’s hard working Kentucky Fried Chicken had some 600 franchised outlets in US and Canada. The most important year was 1974. In 1974 the American giant, Heublein bought Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Colonel remained a public spokesman for the enterprise. Heublein was willing to support the Kentucky Fried Chicken’s aboard expansion plan and constantly implemented the franchising business operation. Kentucky Fried Chicken became more famous in the world.After that the enterprise was sold twice. Finally the Kentucky Fried Chicken was taken over by PepsiCo in 1986. In order to decrease the risk, PepsiCo remain the franchising business operation. Despite it decreased the financial risk, the local franchisees insisted to make the maximizing profits. Therefore the local franchisees did not care about quality, service and cleanness (QSC). We will write a custom essay sample on Kfc International Business or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page But the most important element that KFC got the success was Quality, Service and Cleanness (QSC). So the enterprise wanted to find out the balance between corporate and cultural sensitivity.Discussion and Analysis According to the case of Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Global Fast-Food Industry from Jeffrey A, this part of report will be divided into five main aspects to illustrate: International trade theories, FDI, Risk and Opportunities, Marketing, Strategies. International trade theories International trade theories help managers deal with the international business’s problem and influence the decision of strategies. And this part will be divided in to three parts: culture, political, legal and economics. Culture Culture situation for international business is a big problem.In 1980s KFC started to build the restaurants in German. But KFC filed in the German market because Germans did not like take-out food. However McDonald could get the success in German. McDonald made many changes to adapt the German market. Firstly McDonald changed the menu which Germans liked. Such as, German beer was provided in the restaurants. But KFC was more success in Asia and Latin America because chicken was the traditional dish in there. Political In 1994, United States, Canada and Mexico created the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). There were not any tariffs on goods traded between those three countries. KFC had a good chance to development because of NAFTA. Economics Mexico was a big market in Latin American for KFC. It had 98 million people and the transportation casts was low resulted in Mexico was near US. Also the wages in Mexico was lower than the US’s. In US the higher divorce rate was seen by the government. More and more individuals often ate out and mostly married women chose to ate outside because they had careers. The demographic changes created a good economic environment to expand the fast-food chain.Legal In 1990 Mexico acted a new law. The new law protected the technology transferred. The taxes about technology assistance were increased to 35%. During that time KFC built rapidly many franchised restaurants.. FDI Franchising and Licensing Licensing is a licensor grants a licensee right to in tangible property to use in a specified area for a specified period of time in exchange for a fee. Franchising is a specialized form of licensing in which the franchisor grants an independent franchisee. These two kinds of foreign direct investment have been implemented by KFC for a long time.In the last 1950s Colonel Sander started to expand KFC by the franchising operation. But when PepsiCo bought the KFC, PepsiCo made a new contract for the franchisees in order to control the franchised restaurants. In the meantime, PepsiCo spent a big cash flow on buying back the week franchised restaurants. However this operation needed higher levels of investment and KFC returned on assets slowly. The investors thought PepsiCo’s return on assets did not match returns delivered by Coca-Cola. Therefore PepsiCo sold back the franchised restaurants. MarketingThis part will explain the marketing of KFC base on 4 P’S: production, pricing, promotion and placement. Production KFC dominated the chicken segment in US. During 1990s Boston Market absorbed a lot of customers form KFC because of its roasted chicken. The Boston market’s chicken was more health and its menu was more broaden which included ham, turkey, meat loaf, chicken pot pie, and deli sandwiches. So KFC introduced a new product called Rotisserie Gold in 1993. But the new product was not responded well by the customers because the customers did not like take whole chicken away. So in 1996 KFC reintroduced a roasted chicken which could be sold by piece. Pricing The pricing of KFC always was not expensive. The pricing of the product contained the taxes, excise duties, profits and the cost. Promotion Promotion is very important for the fast-food restaurants in other words you can say that promotion is the key of success. During the late 1960s, KFC was the world’s famous brand image because of the promotion’s effect. One of KFC’s promotions was its Neighbourhood Program. Some restaurants offered special menu to the black community and the employees wore African-inspired uniforms. This program increased sales. Placement The placement also was essential for KFC. The sites were more and more expensive so that increased the cost and decrease the profit margins. So KFC implemented a mew three-pronged distribution strategy. Firstly KFC open the restaurants in the non traditional outlets such as shopping mail airport and railway station. Secondly KFC started to introduce the Home Delivery. Thirdly KFC and Taco BELL were restaurant co branding. In 1997 KFC restaurants added Taco Bell to the menus. So many customers came to KFC during the day. StrategiesExternal analysis KFC could not able to bring the new products to market and encountered a big setback in 1989. When KFC was experienced its sandwich, McDonald already sold its sandwich to the market. And then McDonald developed strong consumer awareness for it sandwich. In 1991 KFC supported many kinds of food to meet the customers’ need. These products included Oriental Wings, Popcorn Chicken, and Honey BBQ Chicken. Also KFC introduced its Neighbourhood Program. Some restaurants offered special menu to the black community and the employees wore African-inspired uniforms.This program increased 5% to 30% sales. And then KFC implemented a mew three-pronged distribution strategy to solve the problem that the sites were very expensive. Internal analysis In 1986 PepsiCo bought Kentucky Fried Chicken from RJR for 841 million pounds. Before 1986 the management of KFC was laid-back. The employees enjoyed the good atmosphere in KFC due to the efforts of Colonel Sanders to support for KFC’s employees’ wages, pension and other non income needs. However PepsiCo change the approach to the management. PepsiCo rotated the anagers of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Frito lay and Pepsi-Cola through these five sectors on average every two years. One PepsiCo manager said that:†You many have performed well last year, but you do not perform well this year, you are gone, and there are 100 ambitious guys with Ivy League MBAs at PepsiCo who would have to take your position. † However this kind of management put too much pressure on the managers of KFC. After PepsiCo controlled the KFC, some downsizings were happened. Many loyalty employees were fired. Even the turnover of the fired managers was higher than the other’s. As well as the KFC franchisees were treated badly by PepsiCo. PepsiCo made a new contract for the franchisees. According to the new contract stipulations, PepsiCo had more power to take over week franchisees and franchisees should pay more royalty fees. All the franchisees fought against the new contract because it damaged the benefit of the franchisees. The problem of the new contract was solved until PepsiCo agreed to change the objectionable parts of the new contract. PepsiCo’s products were divided into three markets: soft drinks, snack foods and fast-food restaurants.During the 1990s PepsiCo spent one-half annual found on the market of fast-food restaurants. But the market of fast-food restaurants only produced one-third capital every year. So the found was transferred from the market of soft drinks, snack foods to the field of fast-food restaurants. And then because of the transfer of the capital, PepsiCo was hard to compete with Coca-Cola and influenced the stock price. So PepsiCo built a new company which controlled the fast-food restaurants. Then the new company created 4. 7 billion pounds. Risk and Opportunities KFC suffered a variety of risks and opportunities in Mexico. In 1995 KFC closed all the franchised restaurants in Mexico and operated the company-owned restaurants. So KFC could provide more good quality, service and cleanness. But the company-owned restaurants needed more much money so that KFC could not expand rapidly. The peso crisis of 1995 influenced the economic in Mexico. But KFC’s business basically was not damaged by the inflation because mostly suppliers of KFC were in Mexico. Brazil was Lain America’s largest market. But McDonald was building first-mover advantages and KFC even had implement business in Brazil. KFC planed to expand into the economic market in Brazil.In Latin America KFC was more aggressively building franchised restaurants in order to build KFC’s brand. Conclusion and Recommendation According to the discuss and analysis, KFC should solve immediately the internal management problems to change the high performance, high accountability, highly driven culture and create a happy atmosphere that all the employees work comfortable in. PepsiCo could build more company-owned restaurants. It is easy control the Quality, Services and Cleanliness to improve the band image. Also KFC should open the restaurants in Latin America where is a large untapped market.KFC could develop the online shopping system that customers could buy products in the internet and delivery to the home. All in all, KFC is the second largest fast food restaurant. It is a successful enterprise and still is able to potential development. PepsiCo’s culture should better integrate into the KFC in order to increase the competitive and provide more health and better products to the world’s people. Reference Jeffrey A. Krug case34 Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Global Fast-Food Industry â€Å"KFC Corporation. †International Directory of Company Histories. 2008. Encyclopedia. com. 1 April. 2012

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An Investigation into Species Diversity essays

An Investigation into Species Diversity essays An Investigation into Species Diversity at Lake Alice, Florida; The Effect of Island Size and The Impact of Human Disturbance on Species Number and Diversity The main objective of this investigation is to determine the effect of island size and human disturbance on the diversity and general population size of birds living in and around Lake Alice. The null hypotheses for this experiment would suggest that (i) human disturbance does not have a detrimental impact on species number or diversity in Lake Alice and (ii) Island size does not effect in any way the number or diversity of birds in Lake Alice. Binoculars were used to locate and record individual species type and frequency over twenty minutes. A human count was also taken to show disturbance (if any). A tape measure was also used to measure the approximate size of each island and its distance from the shoreline. The results collected disproved the null hypothesis; showing that human disturbance (in terms of people number and distance from the shoreline) did in most cases lead to a decrease in species number and diversity in contrast to relatively undisturbed islands. This was shown using numerical values from the Sharon Index. Studies such as the flowing, are important for making inferences about the impact of bird number and diversity, not only in designate d areas (such as lake Alice) but the whole world also. Conservation and management strategies can therefore be inferred using studies such as this for the most affective and appropriate course of action for environmental sustainability (Rundle D. 1991). Interspecific competition: competition between different species for a resource. E.g space. Intraspecific competition: competition between members of the same species for a resource. Eg. Space Biodiversity: the existence of a wide range of different types of organisms in a given place at a given time. Habituation: occurs wh...

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How to be a Welcome Guest Poster

How to be a Welcome Guest Poster Posting on guest sites is a great way to increase your profile, develop your personal brand – and subtly plug a product or service. Heres how to increase your chances of getting your posts accepted Writing guest posts is a great way to promote your work and build your personal writers brand. Ive done a lot of this recently, to promote my book, Kitten on a Fatberg. Ive spent quite a lot of time sending off ideas, reading submissions guidelines, and liaising with editors. Here are some of the things Ive learned along the way Have something to say   Start Look for topics that are editorial in nature but aligned with your product. My book is a comic novel written with two co-authors, for example, so Ive pitched various ideas to do with writing humour, crowdfunding a novel, collaborating on a book and so on. Research your markets   Its important to make sure theres a good fit between what you want to say and where you might be able to post it. A sci-fi forum may publish lots of guest posters, for example, but if youre a chick-lit author youre probably unlikely to become one of them. You may have a great piece about a popular topic such as productivity or writers block to offer, but if the site has already covered this area extensively, youll probably be unlucky there too. Turn topics into ideas   When presenting ideas, try to entice your editor with a real attention-grabbing headline and a standfirst – that catchy intro para that magazines and newspapers use to lure people into reading the full article. Then, even if you are addressing a popular topic, you can show you have a unique angle on the topic, and you may be in luck. So rather than offering the dull and generic-sounding Top productivity tips, try 7 ways to slay your inner procrastinator, followed Keep it personal Dont blast out the same email to a big list of blogs and websites. Send out a few at a time, personalizing each one, with a brief intro about who you are (which you might also want to tweak each time). Focus on why your ideas might be of interest to readers, get recipients names right, and always Follow the guidelines The biggest bugbear of writing blogs is, quite understandably, submissions from people who havent followed their guidelines. These are always supplied clearly and in lots of detail, so it will seem quite discourteous to an editor if you ignore their requests about formatting, imagery, subject matter, word count, use of links, etc. Some popular blogs will simply reject your ideas or submission out of hand if the guidelines havent been followed. Do as youre told! Editors will almost always want to make a few tweaks to your words. They may want some additional copy from you or ask for words to be cut. They will very often tweak the intro and opening section to make it sit better with their style and approach. Remember editors know their markets and their titles inside out, and if they want some tweaks, it means they want to publish you very soon. So, this is no time to be precious about your writing – go with their editorial decisions and turn any requested amends round asap. Final thought: Keep the promo stuff to a minimum   Theres a quid pro quo in guest posting – you give the editor some content of value, and theyll let you plug your book. But dont overdo the promotional element – if your piece is crammed full of references to your book, it will just come across as one big advert, and it wont be accepted. Writing something thats useful or entertaining for people is the best advertisement for your work, after all.

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English as Only US Official Language Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

English as Only US Official Language - Essay Example Other like-minded movements followed but none has so far prospered because of the chief argument that an attitude of intolerance towards languages other than English is undemocratic and impinges on individual liberties. The policy has nonetheless gained headway in at least 27 states, where pro-English laws or resolutions have already been enacted. On the federal level, two opposing lobbies have been organized represented by the English Plus movement that pushes for bilingualism, and the English Only group that clamors for monolingualism and for English to be declared as the only official national language. This paper dissects the pros and cons of the issue and evaluates which side makes more sense and a stronger case. Topic Sentence 2 - Spanish is perceived to be the biggest threat to English since Hispanics comprise the largest number of immigrants in the US, such that more and more public utilities and documents are inscribed in Spanish especially in areas where there are large immigrant communities. There are over 300 languages spoken in the US by people whose primary language is not English, but Hispanic immigrants easily qualify as the largest group of non-English speakers because of the proximity of the US to Latin America. According to the US Bureau of Census, in a tone that suggests warning, 100 million people of Hispanic origins will be all over the 50 states of the Union by 2050 (Lynch 11). Because of this large-scale immigration of Hispanics, Spanish has become the unofficial second language of the US (Rodriguez 3). This bothers Americans with native roots that perceive the growth of Spanish-speaking communities as a threat to English. Why is this predominantly used immigrant language in America considered a threat to English Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado) explains that Spanish is making inroads into the predominant position that should be occupied by English among Americans. This is duality that must be avoided at all costs because "it would weaken American identity an d sow the seeds of disunity and conflict." The possible weakening of the American identity and the potential of bilingualism to breed disunity is the battle slogan of such organizations as the English Only movement, Official English and the US English Inc., the latter a political lobby group founded by the late Senator from Alaska Samuel Hayakawa and Dr. John Tanton in 1983. These groups feel that English is losing out to Spanish and call for federal legislation to declare English as the official language, specifying that no other state law or policy shall be enforced that requires the use of any language other than English. English Only advocates point to Hartford in Connecticut to show that English is retreating in favor of Spanish and that the threat is real (Mujica 5). Hispanics comprise 40 percent of the population of this typical American city, where half of its Spanish-speaking people do not speak English at all so Spanish is the